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Organise your emails by client, employee and workflow

When you interact with your customers, you build up a collection of emails, notes and attachments. Your team also does this, individually, so you need to have meetings, email each other and send progress reports. These are not always reliable, and your business suffers.


If a laptop is stolen, or a hard drive crashes, this information and correspondence is lost, so you lose clients who don't want to wait for your team member to rebuild the relationship from memory. Or an employee leaves, and the replacement has to get up to speed with the clients, and you lose customers.

Our new software runs on a central server, and replaces the common applications that you normally use. We supply and maintain the server. You can access any information about any client at any time from anywhere in the world, with our new email organiser software.


Different levels of access are customised for you, so team members receive the access that they need, while private information is protected. No more need for progress meetings or statistic reports. If you lose your computer, no problem. All the information is stored on a central server. If someone leaves your employ, the same applies. If you replace an employee, there are step-by-step tutorials to get the replacement up to speed quickly.


Our remote access has the same level of security as online banking, so all your information is safely encrypted and protected by a secure firewall. If you accidentally delete vital information, we make daily backups, so your data can be rolled back to the day before easily. You can also request a backup CD be sent to you weekly or monthly. Our server runs on a backup generator, so no power failures.


Currently your client emails are stored in your inbox and sent items folders, in a tangled web of interacting communications between clients, other employees and yourself in the form of notes, reports, faxes and emails.

Our email organiser organises everything around the client. Click a customer and get all the information for them. Post a note in our software and the correct team members will see it when they log in. If there are two inquiries from the same client, our software keeps them separate.


Our software can show you how your business is doing. It gives you a workflow per client - proposal, response from client, invoice, payment and delivery. Our software handles multiple product lines, too. It's great for a snapshot of your business. Usually you would only get this information at month end meetings, but all you need to do is log in to our email organiser, and all the data is available.


Our software has a dashboard to tell you if something is wrong with your business. The first instrument is a radar to tell you how many customers you have at each stage of the workflow for each product line. So you can see your top performers at a glance and anticipate bottlenecks.

There is a comparative overview of your team’s performance to see who is your best employee. See how quickly your team is responding to customer inquiries and compare it against a target response time that you set.

To recap: you get secure remote storage with instant access from anywhere in the world. You get workflow charts, and a dashboard to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. You will wonder how you ever survived without it.

To top it all off, it's also affordable.

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HP Payment Package

1 Year Contract
R500 per month
Consists of:
- 6 page website
- 2 additional pages within the one-year contract period
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Copy Editing

Economy Package

R1500 once-off payment
Optional 1 Year Contract for optimisation - R200 per month
Consists of:
- 3 page website
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Copy Editing

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