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For those of our clients who require website hosting, we offer various packages starting at R65.00 per month.

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For those who wish to purchase their own hosting package, we recommend When choosing a hosting company, you should be careful not to rush out and sign up with the cheapest company you can find. The cheapest is not always the best, since some low cost hosting companies overload their servers and their customer support is often second rate due to the volume of requests they receive. This is also because their poor service makes clients request a lot of support, and that causes queues of unhappy customers waiting to be attended to. We can confidently recommend the hosting company that we use, for its efficiency, excellent uptime, ease of use and top class customer support. Their servers are based in the USA, which means faster loading speeds overseas and excellent website loading times here in South Africa too. After two years of hosting with this company, we speak from experience when we say that their service is top quality, and their prices extremely affordable.

Their personal website hosting plan will cost you only $4.95, currently, comes with a multitude of perks and freebies, including FREE Set Up, Free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, a 30-day money back guarantee, Online Control Panel, $700 Free Bonus software, unlimited SQL Databases, PHP support, PYTHON support, SSI - Server Side Includes, PERL support, is Dreamweaver compatible, Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions, unlimited sub domains, unlimited parked domains, unlimited add-on domains, unlimited FTP Accounts, Apache 2, CGI-BIN, online user statistics, Shell Access Available - $2 per month, customisable error pages, Ruby on rails support, customer account page, and award winning support! Sign up now!


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* Payments due strictly within time stipulated on invoice - by bank transfer.

* No cheques accepted (especially rubber ones!)

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