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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Good SEO will improve your website’s listings in the search engines, thereby increasing the volume of traffic your site receives via “organic” search results for your targeted keywords. A lack of SEO will relegate your website to the middle pages of the search engines, where few visitors ever go. Bad SEO will send your website plummeting to the bottom of the listings, never to be seen again.

We do not optimise Flash sites, or sites with dynamically generated pages. If your site has been built using a CMS (content management system) we will require access to this system, and it must be SEO enabled, ie; it must have facilities for the entry of meta tags, alt tags and comment fields into your pages. It must also redirect dynamic URLs to static page names. In order to optimise a static site, we will require FTP access to it. Your hosting company will provide you with the necessary login and password information. Please do not ask us to optimise your site if it is under construction. For best results, we will consult with your webdesigner to ensure that your site is built according to stringent SEO guidelines.

Re-optimisation Contract

An optional re-optimisation contract is available for ongoing link exchange and re-optimisation of the site when the search engine algorithms change. The site’s performance is monitored, and keywords and key-phrases changed for optimum page one visibility. Ranking reports will be compiled whenever the listings change.

Re-optimisation Contract: R700.00 pm

Please contact us for your free quote, and provide the following information:

1. If you need a quote for an existing website, please send us the website address (URL).

2. If you require keyword-rich text, please provide the total word count, and whether or not you will supply the relevant information.

3. If you want more than SEO, please send us all the necessary information.

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