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Cape Town web designs, SEO, copy writing, editing, site hosting, search engine optimisation, placement, promotion, specialists, marketing, positioning, traffic, ranking

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Usually you’d pay R250.00 per page just to optimise an existing site, and with our optimisation experts, you’ll get a site the search engines will love. Small sites won’t generally do well in the major search engines, due to the fierce competition from sites that have several hundred optimised pages as well as, more often than not, thousands of reciprocal links. If you’ve got a good link exchange program, however, which you can also get here, it’s quite possible that your little site will do well in Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines.

You can register your domain for a few dollars, and host it for free on the domain registration server if you don’t mind a few banners. Otherwise, you can also get cheap hosting right here. Choose your colours and send in your logo and pictures, plus your text, and presto, your site will become a reality. It’s that easy.

Just fill out a questionnaire explaining exactly how you’d like your site to look, and then choose which special plan you’d like to take. With this simple process, you’re saving money and still getting a great site with which to sell your products or services.

A good website should be fast loading, easy to understand and navigate, capture your visitors’ attention and sell your products or services. This is its function, and if it doesn’t do this, it’s a waste of perfectly good web-space. It should also get good listings on the search engines, otherwise there’s really very little point in having one, if no one ever finds it. Flash sites are eye-catching, but their lack of text and page names makes them almost impossible for search engine robots to categorise and list.

A HTML site may not be flashy, but it will get better listings on the search engines. Don’t bog down your site with loads of huge pictures or flashy animated banners and such. This will make it slow loading, and market research has long ago established that visitors will click away from a slow loading site before it’s even finished displaying all those pretty graphics. In today’s fast-paced world of instant gratification and time constraints, you want your site to pop up immediately and show your visitor what you have to offer before his or her patience ends.

When you apply to Cape Town Web Designs for a site, we’ll advise you on the best design to sell your products or services, or display your information for the best results.

Ready-made Websites

Do you need a website "yesterday" and don't have the time to wait for one to be designed for you? There's really very little point in having a website that you don't like, simply because you were forced to have a rush job done. For super fast results, take a look at our ready-made websites.

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